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Coorg - 4.5 out of 5 based on 1236 votes

Coorg has become extremely popular among travellers in past few years. Coorg is known for its hospitality, bravery of its people and beautiful scenery. Coorg is admired as the 'Scotland of India' and also renowned as 'Kashmir of the South' for it's eye feasting scenic beauty. Nestled among the lusting greeneries of the Western Ghats, Coorg has a lot to offer. Misty hills, lush valleys and waterfalls, evergreen forests, endless mountain ranges, acres of coffee plantation, orange groves, cardamom, pepper plants and exotic villages make Coorg a one of the most beautiful hill stations you can visit in India.

Kodagu is the smallest district of Karnataka state with unique customs, distinct culture and traditions. The word Kodagu is derived from Kannada word Kodaimalenadu, which means 'dense forest on a steep hill'. Kodagu is called by the anglicised name of Coorg. People of Kodagu/Coorg are called as Kodavas or Coorgies. Coorg situated between 900 and 1525 m above sea level occupies 4,100km² in the Western Ghats an UNESCO world heritage site and one of the world's eight hotspots of biological diversity.

History of Coorg dates way back to as early as 888 AD. South Indian dynasties of the Gangas, the Kadambas, the Chalukyas, the Cholas, the Hoysalas, the Rastrakutas, the Vijaynagar Rayas and the Mysore Wodeyars ruled over Kodagu. Kodavas known as brave warriors and from Indian warrior caste, Kodagu did not had indigenous rulers. The Haleri dynasty was the last noteworthy dynasty in the history of Kodagu, which ruled the entire region of Kodagu for 234 years.

Coorg district is beautiful with scattered 291 villages and with a 5 urban centers. Coorg had a population of 5,54,762 as of 2011 census. Madikeri or Mercara town is the district headquaters of Coorg. Coorg district is divided into the three administrative talukas Madikeri, Virajpet (Viraranjendrapet) and Somwarpet. Madikeri, Somwarpet, Kushalnagar, Virajpet and Gonikoppal are major urban centers of Kodagu district.

The Coorg district comprises of people of distinct ethnic and caste origins like Kodava, AreBashe Gowda, Kodagu Mappila, Tulu, Devanga, Malayali, Tamil, and other communities. One fifth of the kodagu population consists of Kodavas and they are ethnically distinct from the other people of the area. The Kodavas/Coorgies are traditionally agriculturists and warriors.

Coorg being largest producer of coffee in India, grows about 30% of the coffee produced in India. Coorg is also synonymous with coorg cardamom, coorg oranges, coorg honey, lemon and pepper. Many varieties of trees like silver oak, teakwood, rosewood, firewood etc., are grown together with coffee.

River Kaveri/Cauvery rises at Talakaveri on the eastern side of the Western Ghats and its tributaries flows through the greater part of Kodagu. Coorg has an average temperature of 15°C, ranging from 13 to 35°C (55 to 95°F). In July and August the rainfall is high, November month will be showery and April and May will be hot & sunny.

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